Process Play is a Yorkshire based, independent studio working in art, design, identity and publishing – collaborating with people and companies who share a passion for bold, expressive visual thinking. The studio focusses on creating thoughtful visual narratives built on utility, craft and simplicity.
As well as working closely with clients to help discover and tell their unique stories, Process Play also publishes, exhibits and collaborates on a variety of experimental design projects.
Let's work together
Exhibitions & Prints
Assembly Underground / North Bar Social / Mustard Wharf / 87 Gallery / Holmfirth Artweek / Headrow House / Open House / The Commute / The Brunswick / RCA Shoplift Gallery
Publicity & Features
Eye Magazine / The Modernist / Counter Print / Abstract Logo / Leeds Inspired / Ivy / 1000 Fonts Book / The Guardian Guide / The Leeds Guide / Metro
Testimonial by Ben Pipkin
Leeds Society of Architects Co-President

"Working with Process Play was a positive and productive experience from start to finish. By taking the time to understand the core values of the organisation and those we represent, the studio was able to give us a new holistic identity that is clear, confident and engaging. A personal and professional service, highly recommended."