Design and illustration for a very special collaboration between Echelon Coffee Roasters and Laynes Espresso.
Farm to Cup
The inspiration for the illustrations came from research into the coffee production process and trying to tell the story from farm to cup. The idea was to give each of the four collaborative coffees it's own handmade image, which would work in isolation but also come together in a wider collection narrative.
Collaborative Coffee
It was a joy working
on the collaborative project with Leeds speciality coffee champions Echelon and Laynes. It was a very free and trusting process from the start which feeds into the work and hopefully comes across in the finished article.
Echelon Coffee Roasters
Echelon is a small, speciality coffee roaster. Their goal is to ensure that the hard work and dedication of the farmers growing exceptional coffee is fully expressed in the customer's cup.

Laynes Espresso
Laynes opened in Leeds city centre in 2011, providing coffee lovers a stunning venue that paid absolute attention to the quality of just two ingredients, coffee and (possibly) milk. To this day, Laynes pride themselves on being an independent, barista-owned and run coffee shop.

Individual coffee bag photography courtesy of Echelon.

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