A bold graphic identity with a strong sense of play for FLEURO, the studio shop of Leeds based fine artist, Eve Finlay Miller.
Playfully Abstract
Leeds based fine artist Eve Finlay Miller designs, makes and sells playfully abstract ceramics, jewellery and limited edition prints via her studio shop, FLEURO. Eve required a bold and instantly recognisable identity designing to represent both her studio shop and her practice as an independent artist.
Simple Shapes
The graphic icons are inspired by forms found within Eve's work and symbolise FLEURO's output (ceramics, terrariums, macrame workshops etc). Each graphic is constructed using a simple shape set and underlying grid system, providing a strong and memorable visual foundation.
Understated Confidence
The colour palette is fresh and modern, embodying a warmth and ceramic-like quality. The fun colour combinations offer versatility across applications whilst contributing to a strong, consistent and ownable identity. The typographic approach is understated, clear and confident.
Visit FLEURO to check out Eve's brilliant independently designed and made goods.

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