A modular, community centred identity for Leeds Arts Centre – the award winning amateur theatre company based at the iconic Carriageworks Theatre on Millennium Square.
Social Engagement
Leeds Arts Centre (LAC) is a community focussed, registered charity that promotes the appreciation of, and participation in, all aspects of the theatre arts. LAC required a bold new brand identity creating to better represent their exciting, socially engaged approach and impressive heritage as an arts organisation (dating back to 1945).
Stronger Community
As well as providing much needed entertainment, the theatre arts, both centre stage and behind the scenes, have the potential to improve lives, strengthen communities and explore wide reaching social issues. The objective of the new identity is to reposition LAC into their rightful place at the centre of these ideals. From the very beginning of the project, the idea has been to create an inclusive identity that embodies something enduring and inspiring to both audiences and LAC members.
It's Showtime!
The logo itself is a graphic representation of the opening of the stage curtains at the beginning of the show. It is symbolic of the excitement of the show starting and all those months of hard work – both performance preparation and back-stage – coming together to produce an incredible experience for all to enjoy. The new brand message: 'Enriching Lives Through The Theatre Arts' is intended to confidently communicate the essence of the theatre group.
Graphic System
The graphic system is designed to give LAC an instantly recognisable visual language with which to tell their story. The icons are symbolic of LAC's aims (social engagement, positivity, personal development and community building) as well as various elements of theatre-making (stage lighting, theatre construction etc). The mix-and-match approach is designed with versatility and modularity in mind.
Interesting Facts
LAC has been the nurturing ground for many professional careers in theatre and television. Old programmes reveal names such as Peter O’Toole and John Craven, who performed with LAC in the 1950s. In 2016 LAC were selected by the Royal Shakespeare Company to represent the region in their nationwide tour of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Photography Credits
Mark Hillyer / True North, Matthew T Rader (piano keys)

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