A joyful, welcoming identity for Peaberries – the charming, family run coffee shop and micro bakery in Burnham-on-Crouch.
Welcoming and Relaxed
The identity for Peaberries is designed to embody their knowledge and love of ethically sourced, speciality coffee – welcoming people in with its relaxed and wholesome aesthetic.

Good Vibes
The 'wake up and smell the coffee’ graphic lends good-vibes and a freshness to proceedings – mirroring Peaberries sustainable, handmade approach.
Colour System
The colour system is intended to bring to mind the deliciousness of Peaberries produce. The clean, classy palette has a natural, fruity character and can be used in different pairings to add versatility across applications.
Visit Peaberries website for more information about their family-run coffee shop in Burnham-on-Crouch. Shop photography courtesy of Peaberries. T-shirt screenprinting and photography courtesy of Vino Sangre.

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