End of the Road Festival
Editorial Design / Art Direction

Editorial design and art direction for End of the Road Festival. It's been a pleasure to have been asked to design the festival's programme each year, since 2009. At 100 pages, the programme holds a wealth of exceptional content for festival-goers to digest. The design objective has always been to help fellow End of the Roaders navigate and enjoy the festival's incredible offering of music, arts, comedy, cinema, workshops, food and drink!
Each year, it is a privilege and joy to be able to collaborate with the festival artist, Kai Wong, whose hand-drawn illustrations bring to life both the programme and the festival site itself.
The programme is commissioned and published by independent music guru, Gareth Main. End of the Road is a critically acclaimed music festival, held annually at Larmer Tree Gardens, Dorset. The Independent: “Comes close to stealing Glastonbury’s crown”. NME: “End of the Road has its own kind of magic”. Festival photography courtesy of Mathew Parri Thomas

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