Evolve Music School
Visual identity designed to reflect the school's structured and vibrant approach to teaching music. Evolve Music School offers professional tuition for guitar, vocals, drums, bass, songwriting and music theory.
The starting point for the project was to design the logo. The idea for the graphic letter E was inspired by studying the shapes created by guitar frets, fret markers and how the strings overlap. The typography was designed to communicate the educational ideals of openess and inclusivity.
Graphic language
The graphic language and colour system of the wider identity were developed to reflect the exciting and inspirational nature of the school. The project also involved the design of applications including brand stationery, signage, merch, posters and tuition work books.
Interesting fact!
Evolve Music School sits on the banks of the River Aire at the Queen's Mill site in Castleford (previously known as Allinson's Mill – once the largest stone grinding flour mill in the world).
Photography credits
Zaksheuskaya, Wendy Wei, Cottonbro, Felipe Portella and Anna Shvets.

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